Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Moving In - A Saga by any stretch!

Zeppelin is helping me with the moving truck!
Good morning everyone! We have been off the Blog for a while due to internet availability issues (more on this later and our creative solution).  We made it to closing and the purchase went off with no hitches.  The move in, however, was challenging to say the least.  First, we still had a ton of stuff in storage in Erie that wouldn't fit in our old house.  Second, the driveway to the new house was questionable for the moving van.  I had to drive to Boulder on Friday night to rent the truck.  I then loaded our stuff in Erie and drove up to Breckenridge.  We hired 3 great guys in Breck to help us move! Thanks to them, or we never would have gotten moved.

As expected, we couldn't get the van up the driveway to the house (or rather I was afraid that I may never get the truck out of there after getting it there!  We parked the truck at the bottom of the hill and loaded stuff into my old green chevy pickup and brought a little bit a t a time to the house.  This probably increased our moving time 3 fold, but saved us from the pain and expensive tow bill for hauling a stuck moving van out of our driveway!

To cap off a stressful move - we had to have the van back to Boulder Sunday PM, so off we go down I-70 in the horrible traffic! Took us about 4.5 hours to get from Breck to Boulder - uuuuugh time to widen that road people!

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