Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let it Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow!!

Well Wolf Creek got a lot of attention in the last few days for opening yesterday.  Sadly, I was unable to join my friends in their marathon trip to southern Colorado to ride on opening day.  However, we were not without our share of the white powder at our Colorado Mountain Retreat!

Northstar Peak from our driveway! Mogul loves snow!

Looking toward Red Mountain from our Deck

The last holdout Aspens!

Looking up at Northstar from the deck

Quandary Peak from Blue Lakes Road
Here are some photos we took in the 'hood over the last couple of days!

We hope you enjoy the photos.  I fired up the snow blower and worked on our driveway a bit, and shovelled the snow off the deck.  Just when I finished the wood task, along comes the snow!  Not even a weeks respite!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Firewood is hard work!

So we were really excited to have a wood burning furnace in our home,  you can see more info in our previous posts regarding this.  Anyway, we have been steadily working at cutting firewood to feed it all winter long.   I am just guessing that I probably need 5 cords of cut and split wood but who knows until we go through one winter!

Today I measured our stacked firewood and came up with just over 4 cords!  Wow! This represents hours of Julie's and my time cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking.  We still likely have 2 cords cut but not yet split and stacked, plus 1 more already in the basement.

To put that into perspective, one cord of cut and split firewood delivered in Summit County is around $200.00.

Winter heating will be interesting this year in our Colorado Mountain Retreat!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stellar summer for Breckenridge, Summit County in sales |

Stellar summer for Breckenridge, Summit County in sales |

Some small improvements

exterior where we removed the door

interior where we removed door

exterior new door

interior new door.  we will replace all damaged drywall.  Also cleaned wall interior with bleach to remove/kill any mold or mildew.
Well as discussed previously,  this home was a bit of a fixer.  One of the problems was in the living room.  First we had 2 doors out to the deck that were huge inswing doors.  This ate up tons of interior floor space.  Second, the existing doors were heavily water damaged form rain and snow.  Third, Ice damming on the roof had caused some interior damage to the walls at the doors.

We decided to eliminate one of the doors to create some wall space on the east, and install a new full lite door on the west, but make that an outswing door.

Yesterday we tackled this job and made huge progress, despite the rain and snow which kept soaking us as we worked outside under the eaves.

We can't put gutters on as the winter snow and ice will rip them off. thus we have to take special precautions with the splash back from the deck.  We used a steel door which will resist water damage better than the wood doors that were originally installed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

State Farm® | Fire Pit Safety: 6 Tips You Should Know

State Farm® | Fire Pit Safety: 6 Tips You Should Know

Great tips for being safe in your Colorado Mountain Retreat!

3 Blind Moose, 3 Blind Moose... (Of Moose and Men part 2)

Late Monday, after working all day, I was cutting firewood when I heard a crashing and crunching in the trees near our meadow.  Further investigation revealed 3 young Bull Moose!  Julie and I watched with rapt attention for a long time!  This time we have video to prove it!

Look carefully, there are 3 moose, 1 in the foreground and 2 in the bushes behind!  How cool is this!  This little meadow and creek is about 100 yards from our front door.  We live in a special place.

We love our Colorado Mountain Retreat!