Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let it Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow!!

Well Wolf Creek got a lot of attention in the last few days for opening yesterday.  Sadly, I was unable to join my friends in their marathon trip to southern Colorado to ride on opening day.  However, we were not without our share of the white powder at our Colorado Mountain Retreat!

Northstar Peak from our driveway! Mogul loves snow!

Looking toward Red Mountain from our Deck

The last holdout Aspens!

Looking up at Northstar from the deck

Quandary Peak from Blue Lakes Road
Here are some photos we took in the 'hood over the last couple of days!

We hope you enjoy the photos.  I fired up the snow blower and worked on our driveway a bit, and shovelled the snow off the deck.  Just when I finished the wood task, along comes the snow!  Not even a weeks respite!