Monday, September 26, 2011

Firewood is hard work!

So we were really excited to have a wood burning furnace in our home,  you can see more info in our previous posts regarding this.  Anyway, we have been steadily working at cutting firewood to feed it all winter long.   I am just guessing that I probably need 5 cords of cut and split wood but who knows until we go through one winter!

Today I measured our stacked firewood and came up with just over 4 cords!  Wow! This represents hours of Julie's and my time cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking.  We still likely have 2 cords cut but not yet split and stacked, plus 1 more already in the basement.

To put that into perspective, one cord of cut and split firewood delivered in Summit County is around $200.00.

Winter heating will be interesting this year in our Colorado Mountain Retreat!

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