Friday, September 16, 2011

Some small improvements

exterior where we removed the door

interior where we removed door

exterior new door

interior new door.  we will replace all damaged drywall.  Also cleaned wall interior with bleach to remove/kill any mold or mildew.
Well as discussed previously,  this home was a bit of a fixer.  One of the problems was in the living room.  First we had 2 doors out to the deck that were huge inswing doors.  This ate up tons of interior floor space.  Second, the existing doors were heavily water damaged form rain and snow.  Third, Ice damming on the roof had caused some interior damage to the walls at the doors.

We decided to eliminate one of the doors to create some wall space on the east, and install a new full lite door on the west, but make that an outswing door.

Yesterday we tackled this job and made huge progress, despite the rain and snow which kept soaking us as we worked outside under the eaves.

We can't put gutters on as the winter snow and ice will rip them off. thus we have to take special precautions with the splash back from the deck.  We used a steel door which will resist water damage better than the wood doors that were originally installed.

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