Friday, September 9, 2011

Projects completed since move in - wow what a list!

We knew the property needed work when we bought it, and we've been steadily working on it as we go.  Of course just the monumental task of moving, with having to bring stuff from different locations and then having to unload the moving truck at the bottom of our driveway into the pickup truck a drive the pickup to the house, was a huge chore, we also had a lot of items that we needed to do just to make the home safe and decent to live in.

The biggest item was the Septic System - We had the system inspected prior to closing and it was found that the septic tank was damaged and needed to be replaced.  The system was also undersized.  Snowbridge of Breckenridge did a fantastic job of installing it quickly and professionally, despite the logistical problem of getting equipment and materials to the site!

Newly installed 200 Amp electrical Panel.
Next was the  outdated and recalled electrical panel.  The original electrical panel was a Federal Electric Stab-Lok style panel which was recalled many years ago. The problem was that the circuit breakers wouldn't trip when overloaded or short circuited.  We tested this defect out the evening we installed the ice maker line for the refrigerator.  I accidentally drilled through a wire, and guess what! the Circuit breaker didn't blow!  Good thing we were watching it and were able to fix it before anything bad happened!  So we were able to get a credit from the seller to replace this panel. With Julie's help, we were able to get the new panel installed and most circuits up and running in one day!  We were able to get the remaining circuits, which included the heating circuits a couple of days later.

Many Smaller Projects:

1. As mentioned above - install the ice maker line
2. Install new sink and Faucet - The faucet leaked terribly and the sink was a harvest gold cast iron sink - time to go! thanks to the Habitat Restore in Eagle CO where we found a great stainless steel kitchen sink for only $15.00. The same sink at Home Depot was $180!!!
3. Install agarbage disposal - Hey just because we live at the end of the grid, doesn't mean we can't have all the luxuries!
4. Replace the bathtub drain which leaked.
5. Replace second floor toilet.  Although we will have to do this for a second time as the el cheapo toilet we bought at Home Depot doesn't flush s**t worth a s**t!!
6. Cut, split and stack 2+ cords of firewood we still need 2 or more cords before snow flies!
7. Build a fenced area for the dogs!
8. Repair some big potholes in our driveway.

On top of all this, Julie has done a fantastic job of cleaning the home, organizing and putting away all of our stuff!  There are always countless hours required for this and it is a tiresome and thankless job! Thanks Julie for your hard work!  The house looks beautiful!

All of this for having our perfect Colorado Mountain Retreat!

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  1. Oh yes and we also had to update the wiring for the dryer and install a dryer vent. Previous owners were venting the dryer into the basement, right next to the wood burning furnace! Talk about a fire hazard with lint in the air!