Monday, August 8, 2011

The House is Officially Ours!

We closed this Morning! Thanks  Land Title in Breckenridge, everything was well organized and ready for us when we walked in.

We had the truck packed and the Pathfinder loaded with stuff  and out the door we went to move in!  We found the home still had a lot of the previous owners stuff in it.  We are boxing it up and hopefully the Seller will come and get it.  According to their agent they will.

BIG SURPRISE this afternoon!  Bob and Libby came by and helped us take the second load of stuff up to the house and unload it! Wow! This was such a  huge help!  We owe you guys!

We aren't ready to sleep there tonight but will return tomorrow with more stuff and hope fully spend the night there!

Tomorrow the Septic work is supposed to start and COMCAST is supposed to install our internet!! This will be a joke as I called COMCAST today and told them to make sure their guy was prepared as he would need to string wire on the poles about 300 ft.  The moron on the end of the line assured me there used to be cable there and it's already at the house!  We'll see!! If I have my internet a month from now I'll be amazed!

We are so excited about this home and our new life there! Wow!  It doesn't get any better.  Oh and the weather is perfect, hardly a cloud in the sky!

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