Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Septic Inspection....

So Septic systems are huge deals in rural areas such as the unincorporated parts of Summit County and elsewhere.  Summit County requires all systems to be pumped and inspected prior to the sale of any property.  As such, today was the day our inspection happened.

Our system was likely installed in 1972 or 3 when the home was originally built.  The tank was a fiberglass tank, common in a tank of that age.

The contractors uncovered the tank today and pumped it.  In the photos below you can see the equipment and the opening in the top of the tank as well as the pump hose used by the contractor to pump the tank.

Needless to say,  a hole was discovered in the side of the tank, and it has been leaking for a while.  Under new regulations, this will require a 2000 gallon tank for a home the size of ours.  The Seller will pay the contractor to replace it and the work will take place next week after closing.

Here is a video of the excavation taking place....

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