Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Julie And Greg At the End of The Grid

Julie and I moved to Breckenridge in January to live the mountain life.  We were lucky enough to rent a small cabin just outside of Breckenridge from a childhood friend of Julies.  While this home was awesome, we always wanted to find a home we could own instead of rent and we knew we wanted something unusual.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, the ultimate opportunity presented itself to us.  We have found the home we've been looking for, and better yet, the seller accepted our offer.  We are a few days away from closing, and are hopeful the deal will go through.
Home viewed from the east looking toward the Quandary Summit Behind
Close up of south side of home

What we have found: An older home in the woods on the south slope (sunny side) of Quandary Peak south of Breckenridge.  This home boasts 5 bedrooms and 2 baths with a gorgeous living room overlooking the Monte Cristo Creek Valley (Home to Monte Cristo Creek and Blue Lake).  Looking east, the sun rises over Red Mountain and looking west it sets over Northstar Mountain.

View Greg and Julie At the End Of the Grid! in a larger map

Red Mountain to the east viewed from house!
Northstar Peak from the house

So what's the catch? Well this home is not off the grid, but it is the very end of it!  We are going to be living just below timberline - approx. 11,200 ft elev. (timberline is approx. 11,500 ft).  We have electricity, telephone and CATV. We will have a well for water and septic for sewer.  We have no gas - either natural gas or propane so our furnace is wood burning! 
We have year round road access to the property line, but our driveway is very lengthy so it is possible for several months in the winter we will use snowmobiles to get from the county road to the house!  How cool is that???

Did I mention that it has 6 acres of meadow and spruce forest with a year 'round creek running through it?  And the list of awesomeness goes on...

This property is somewhat of a fixer-upper, but I am always up for a challenge!  I am going to be posting here on the project itself as well as the day to day fun and excitement of living at the end of the grid!

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  1. Oh boy - here we go again.... time to start packing ...AGAIN... but since the A frame is just so small this is going to be a MUCH better option! Bigger house, more land, and a real GOLD MINE!!!! Pretty cool!